Social Impact 2015

SACAP’s second Social Impact Report is a powerful testament to the talent of our graduating group and the knowledge and skills that they have acquired on their learning journey at SACAP. More importantly, the report draws attention to the relevance of this learning journey in how it has translated into a tangible social impact through the activities of our students in the field.

This study covers the social impact of around 120 students who have positively affected the lives of over 3 100 individuals in 5 400 sessions across a broad range of placement sites.

The growth in SACAP’s fieldwork since last year is astounding. The total number of students in the field has almost doubled in just 12 months and we are likely to see further growth in the years ahead.

South African society is deeply traumatised and dislocated but with enormous untapped positive potential. By partnering with a broad range of placement sites in trauma units, community mental health facilities, schools, corporates, children’s facilities, addiction treatment centers and adolescent and youth empowerment programmes, SACAP’s fieldwork activities address these challenges where the need is greatest.

This report is a combination of impact statistics and personal stories. The statistics bring a sharp quantitative focus to the breadth and depth of social impact of the students’ fieldwork. However,

it is the personal accounts of these activities as told by the students themselves that so richly describes each student’s personal growth and development from their experiences.

It has been SACAP’s privilege to walk this journey with our students and to share with them in the deep sense of accomplishment, meaning and purpose that they rightly feel.