Join us for another exciting line-up of inspirational speakers at this year’s Festival of Learning

SACAP is proud to present the sixth annual Festival of Learning to be hosted on our Cape Town and Johannesburg campus in May 2017.

The Festival of Learning is inspired by the idea of bringing together professionals, students and the broader community to explore the many facets of psychology, counselling, coaching and the application of these specifically within the South African context.

This year the festival will not be guided by one theme. In the light of the many challenges that South Africa is facing and in celebration of the uniqueness of our country, we aim to showcase ideas and experiences that assist in creating positive change, uplift communities and engaging stories that inspire growth.

“There is an enormous disparity between the lofty ideals to which South African society aspires and the stark community realities of poverty, crime and dislocation. In seeking to address this gap, it is easy to become overwhelmed or dispirited by the enormity of the task at hand. However, at SACAP we believe that to positively impact a single life is to change the whole world. Hence our person centered approach to teaching and learning.” says Lance Katz, SACAP’s CEO.

We look forward to creating positive change in South Africa with you.


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Download talk overviews for Coaching and Psychology

Download and print the Festival of Learning Programme in PDF here


Cape Town Day Programme

9 to 10am Althea Banda-Hansmann & Trisha Lord – In the Journey of Race and Racism: What is White Work and What is Black Work? Nina Mensing – How to effectively co-parent during and after a divorce/seperation Claire Voges – Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) : An Overview with a specific focus on Canine-Assisted Therapy Aron Gersh – Falling for Love: The illusions of romantic love
10:20 to 11:20am Abby Malan – How our Everyday, Ordinary and Extraordinary Lives are Opportunities for Practice and Development Burgert Kirsten – Grow your presence, playfulness and intuition Sorrel Pitcher – Creating Space; Centering Voices: A Photovoice Project with South African Transgender Youth Nidhi Chaitow – Transitions to Eldership – Making Meaning from Just Being
11:40 to 12:40pm George Swingler – Recovering Racists in a Thinking Environment? Early postcards from a journey Mervyn Malamed – Mediation: Helping people to collaboratively explore creative ways of settling disputes before positions become entrenched & costly escalation starts Gordon Isaacs – Sexuality, stigma & HIV – The South African response to the epidemic Julia Sharkey – Addiction & Denial
12:40 to 1:20pm LUNCH BREAK
1:20 to 2:20pm Graham Williams – Conversations that Count Svea van den Hoorn – Responding to Mental Health Issues in Coaching Practice: Run a mile? Consult a colleague? Press on regardless? Gayle Bowey – Social Media’s Grip on Fitness Culture Marlo Martin – Using Psychology to Maximise Your Impact & Build Your Personal Brand
2:40 to 3:40pm Alex van Oostveen -TA as a Leadership Language for Africa Werner Carstens – Life Coaching in the Corporate Environment Dr Katherine Train – Igniting the Will for Change Stanley Henkeman – Model for Social Change
4 to 5pm Sascha Forster – The Art and Science of Self-Awareness: Using Insights Discovery (Personality) to Make a Positive Difference Jutta Lenz – Awaken Yourself – How health and life coaching can help to lead people through their transformation Leigh Joy Mansel-Pleydell – Co-dependency as a coping mechanism from a traumatic past Kerry van Zyl & Melanie Godfrey – You Can’t Pour from an empty cup: understanding burnout

Cape Town Short Talk Programme

5 to 5:50pm NETWORKING
5:50 to 6pm Welcome – Karolyne Wiliams – SACAP Head of Coaching
6 to 6:15pm Graham Williams – Conversations that Count
6:15 to 6:30pm Angela Hough-Maxwell – Group Therapy: Exploring the dialogue between inner and outer
6:30 to 6:45pm Mandy de Noon-Stevens – As a Counsellor – can we make a difference?
6:4 to 7pm Marlene Nunes – Engaging South African’s from all walks of life
7 to 7:15pm BREAK
7:15 to 7:30pm Nicky Bush – Stories of hope in our South African Education System
7:30 to 7:45pm Salma Ismail – Social Movements and NGOs
7:45 to 8pm Robert Delgado – Back to the Brain
8 to 8:15pm Kentse Radebe – Democratising Access: Language and Mental Health in South Africa