Social Impact

Not upside down or the wrong way around.  Just inside out.  What do we mean by this and why is this our preferred approach? There is an enormous disparity between the lofty ideals to which South African society aspires and the stark community realities of poverty, crime and dislocation.  In seeking to address this gap, it is easy to become overwhelmed or dispirited by the enormity of the task at hand.

However, at SACAP we believe that to positively impact a single life is to change the whole world.  Hence our person centered approach to teaching and learning.

SACAP’s educational philosophy and pedagogy focuses on the development of our students at three levels:

  1. A robust academic knowledge base;
  2. Contextually relevant and practical skills; and
  3. A deepened self-understanding in relation to others.

Every aspect of our offering, from small interactive classes with expert practitioner educators to our unique blend of theory and applied skills development, is thoughtfully embedded into our learning environment.

By walking a growth journey with each of our students from their very first module with the college until they graduate, SACAP therefore ensures that the personal transformation that takes place in the classroom ultimately translates into broader social impact.  Working in concentric circles from the inside out.

The most explicit and profound example of this is SACAP’s Work Integrated Learning model where, before graduating, our students are required to conduct supervised fieldwork, applying their knowledge and skills across a broad spectrum of placement sites.

This report is a combination of social impact statistics and personal stories. The statistics bring a sharp quantitative focus to the effectiveness of our inside out social impact model.  However, it is the personal accounts of these activities as told by the students themselves that so richly describes each student’s personal growth and development and the positive social impact that this has had on others.