A career in counselling

Graduates who have studied counselling can build meaningful careers in areas where having a robust understanding and knowledge in psychology, as well as applied counselling and communication skills and an ability to work effectively with individuals and groups, is valued.

These graduates are comprehensively trained and are suitably qualified to be employed in a variety of counselling settings and contexts, including inter-alia:

  • NGOs.
  • Consumer organisations.
  • Community programmes and support facilities.
  • Rehabilitation and addiction treatment programmes.
  • Schools and educational institutions.
  • Support services for South African Police.
  • Correctional services.
  • Crisis and trauma centres.
  • Hospitals and hospices.
  • Self-employment as a counsellor.

Graduates of SACAP’s Bachelor of Psychology professional degree are able to register professionally with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as a Registered Counsellor and provide counselling services within the defined scope of practice for a Registered Counsellor.