Cheryl Inggs

B.A. Hons. M.A. (Clinical Psychology) Rhodes University.

Cheryl has worked in clinical practice,  as well as tertiary education and public health for a number of years.  With an initial background in English Literature and Psychology she taught English as a second language as well as being a Guidance teacher and Counsellor on the Cape Flats.

Cheryl is running an out-patient clinic at Somerset Hospital and is part of a multidisciplinary team working with public health, satellite clinics and organisations in the community. Areas of interest in this regard include primary as well as preventative health care as well as issues relating to public health. In her role as health practitioner in a hospital setting, she is passionate about helping patients (and their families) live as functionally as possible with a  psychiatric disorder. Cheryl is also interested in women’s issues, domestic violence, psychopathology  and  a multipath model of psychological intervention.