Cindy Muthukarapan MCC

Cindy Muthukarapan is an internationally recognized Executive and Leadership Coach. She is credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Master Certified Coach. She is currently in Application for EMCC

She is passionate about working with Leaders/Executives who want to create ripples of positive change in themselves, their organizations, communities, countries and globally. For the past few years she has been actively, passionately involved in Mentoring and supporting emerging and evolving coaches so that their skill level in coaching is enhanced and expanded. On a more Local/Global approach, she serves to Partner with our South African Community of Coaches in leading and evolving the advancement of the Coaching Profession to help shape its future and create opportunities for Business, personal and Professional Growth.

Her client list includes Public and Private sector, Small business, Coaches, Coach Training Schools, Individual Clients and the Government.