Tina Hiller

M.A. (Sociology & Economics), M. Sci. (Coaching), University of Vienna and the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences.

Tina has extensive experience as a professional coach and mentor in both South Africa and Europe in various industries ranging from IT to aviation. She is known for her love and empathy for the diversity and colourfulness of individuals, groups and teams and her belief in their abilities to create preferred solutions for their futures.

Tina is a published book author in the field of project coaching.

The Managing Partner of Next Level Consulting, Tina works with organisations and individuals, and does group and team coaching as well as coach supervision. She also specialises in change interventions for organisational and cultural transformation initiatives and change projects, and lectures and supervises coaches. In her private capacity, Tina has a focus on human health improvement as part of health coaching concepts she develops with a range of experts in other health disciplines.