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Management & Leadership

How to live in the moment: Experts advise

Professional coaches Mandy Johnson and Patrick Madden explain Interpersonal Mindfulness and how it can change your life for the better. 

Management & Leadership

Psychoneuroimmunology: Proof that your feelings can make you ill

Did you know that your mental state can affect your immune system? The wave of research that points to a circuit linking the...

Applied Psychology

How sensitivity to trauma can impact South African schools

Judy Strickland, founder of the Hope House Counselling explains the impact of trauma in South African schools and how to deal with it.

Applied Psychology

Learn about the negative effects of screen time with Dr Marlena Kruger

A smartphone is not a mere tool making life easier, but also an object triggering biochemical reactions in our brains, making our quality...

Applied Psychology

Living for likes: The negative effects of social media

Social media has brought many benefits, but it can also do us harm. Here are some of the more negative aspects that have...

Management & Leadership

How emotional neglect in childhood affects us as adults

While the behavioural effects of childhood neglect are fairly well documented, a new study proves that children deprived of loving care actually have...

Applied Psychology

The matric results you need to apply for a Higher Certificate course

The Higher Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills serves as a gateway to higher learning, while providing a basic introduction to psychology.

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