Covid19 Updates

22nd May 2020

On Thursday 30 March 2020, we received a clear directive from the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation that tertiary education must remain remote/online until such time as his team of advisors deem it safe to resume face-to-face classes.

Given the above directive, we have therefore made the decision that we will open Term 2 as scheduled, on 1 June 2020, and continue teaching and learning on the online platform, until we receive further instructions from the Minister of Higher Education, and when we deem it safe, to resume face-to-face learning. This will most likely be in a phased manner. At this stage, we are unable to say when that will be.  We are however continuously staying fully engaged with the relevant higher education and professional body authorities for guidance and direction. We will also be constantly reviewing the ever changing and dynamic landscape in which we find ourselves, and continue to keep you informed on a regular basis.

1st April 2020

Current students: SACAP is back in the classroom – online

SACAP has successfully migrated our existing student cohort from our physical campuses in Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg to our Online campus. Study programmes are continuing as usual, following the same timetable with the same classmates and the same educators, only in virtual classrooms. As soon as the South African Government deems is safe to do so, we will resume our physical classes on campus.

Incoming students: June intake still on track

Should your course start before the lock-down period is over, you will automatically commence your academic studies online and then continue them at the physical campus at which you registered. Furthermore, SACAP will issue students with a portable router should they need one, plus 10G of data to assist them with their online learning data costs (this does not apply to Online campus students). Incoming students will also receive ongoing support from their campus-specific face-to-face student administration and student services teams.

20th March 2020

SACAP is migrating all classes to our Online campus

In response to the South African government’s declaration that the global COVID-19 outbreak is now a national disaster, we are temporarily pausing our physical classes at our campuses in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. We are also suspending all work-integrated learning, practicums and internships with immediate effect.

Given that we already have a robust Online campus, we will migrate all of our physical classes to this digital platform to minimise the disruption to teaching and learning. In the next couple of weeks, students and educators will be able to digitally reconnect and continue with their study programmes and academic year in the virtual classrooms.

While we have not experienced any cases of COVID-19; we support the country’s efforts to prevent the spread of the virus in South Africa and we look forward to resuming physical classes when it is safe and responsible to do so.

Our student services will keep students informed of all developments.