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Angry woman using computer.
Applied Psychology

5 Tips for Dealing with Anger Better

Feeling angry isn’t the enemy. When managed, anger can be a useful tool. However, when out of control, it brings out the worst...

Woman having fun on summer vacation
Applied Psychology

How to Change Your Life – 10 Things You Can Do

How to change your life for the better is a great reflective question. It’s even better if you can figure out what to...

Happy couple in a good relationship enjoying time together
Applied Psychology

What Makes a Good Relationship Last?

It’s good to be optimistic and positive about where your relationship is going. You need to do this if you want it to...

father child home family study son teenage parent education laptop teen boy teaching childhood man learning together school computer internet teacher tutor black
Interviews and Webinars

How to Motivate Your Child to Study

Motivating your child to study isn’t as simple as making sure that they sit down and study. These are three areas which, when...

Rukaya Smith, a Bachelor of Applied Social Science Degree student at SACAP's online campus

What our students have to say about SACAP – Rukaya Smith

Meet Rukaya Smith, the dedicated 35-year-old mother to daughters Sarah, 11, and Ranah, 8. She’s also a SACAP student, a thyroid cancer survivor...

Attractive young female university student using a laptop while studying
Applied Psychology

10 Unique Study Tips for Exams

You want to do well in your exams. And rather than the same old study hacks everyone keeps reminding you of, what you...

Applied Psychology

5 Benefits of Reading

From improving empathy and creativity to staving off dementia, there are countless benefits to reading. So do yourself a favour – pick up...

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