Social Impact Report 2014

SACAP is inspired by a vision of a society knitted by empowered individuals in healthy relationships with their families and community. To this end, SACAP’s training is person-centered and praxis-orientated, empowering our students with the knowledge, skills and wherewithal to activate resources and effect positive social change.

SACAP’s fieldwork component is the culmination of the educational journey that our students have travelled with us. We believe that having the opportunity to enter the field while still being supported with supervision, guidance and advice from one’s training institution, not only benefits the students, but is something that makes our qualifications different from many others.

This study covers the social impact of some 60 students who positively affected the lives of over 1 600 individuals across a broad range of fieldwork placements. Fieldwork is not an easy module. It stretches our students greatly in terms of their levels of confidence and trust in their abilities and skills. It is a time of extreme growth, clarity and development. Which is why we would like to congratulate our graduating students and commend them on the positive impact that they have made in the lives of those with whom they have worked.