Why study online with SACAP

SACAP has developed an online learning programme that retains our essence of a practical, engaging and applied study opportunity while still maintaining a work-life balance. In summary, our online programme offers:

A dynamic medium. Engaging content

We make use of highly engaging, quality rich learning materials (such as video, study notes, activities, forum discussions and reflection journals) to encourage students to combine theory with their immediate environments to absorb, analyse, reflect on and internalise the requisite knowledge and skills.

Interactive learning. Expert educators

Our online programmes are highly interactive. The learning journey is facilitated by one of SACAP’s expert educators who activates and guides the process from beginning to end. This keeps the momentum going and the students actively involved.

An individual journey. Group support

SACAP’s online learning programmes contain structured and systematic weekly learning paths that have been designed to facilitate and foster the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience. Students are supported and facilitated by expert educators, as well as other dedicated student support services, every step of the way.

A structured process. A flexible pace

Even though modules are structured with deadlines, there is level of autonomy to determine the pace at which the student participates. A significant strength of online learning is that students can take time to reflect on and provide a meaningful contribution to a discussion – free from the pressure of having to respond immediately as is typical in a classroom setting.

Make your voice heard. Grow the learning community

We’ve made sure that our online students never feel as though they’re working in isolation. They’re not only encouraged to engage with the content and learning materials, but also to collaborate and participate via online forum discussions. SACAP believes that learning is a social activity that the more you interact with each other, the more you’ll learn.