Bevin Reynolds

Bevin’s story is a classic example of life taking an unexpected turn for the better. With 7 years worth of a university science degree under her belt, Bevin entered into a rehabilitation programme to tackle her eating disorder. It was a transformative process that ignited her fascination with the mind and its ability to shape thought and heal. And it was at this point that Bevin switched her career focus and enrolled at SACAP.

So how does SACAP compare to that of a more traditional learning environment? Bevin shares her experience: “It is a lot more intimate. The classes are smaller so one doesn’t feel like a number. I find it’s a very creative space where I feel like I belong, am supported and accepted. One has the opportunity to engage, share and contribute.” She continues, “Coming from a strong academic background I was surprised by the high quality of work and calibre of the students. SACAP definitely goes above and beyond and provides a sophisticated approach to psychology. The college embraces a very strong forward movement.”

Bevin also acknowledge that SACAP has altered her worldview as students are encouraged to honour and respect differences in a diverse culture while simultaneously cherishing the unique individuality of all people they meet and work with.

“Being at SACAP has opened my heart, expanded my mind and allowed me to contact a vital life force within me that is inspired to assist and promote a shift towards a more socially just South Africa. It has given me the opportunity to create meaning and purpose in my life as I continue to connect with people who wish to serve and assist our country.”

So what is next for Bevin? “My long term dream is to set up an NGO type of platform for women who are between school and choosing a career. A type of gap year in which one can get to know oneself better before committing to a vocation and studies that may not be right for you. It would be a time in which to encourage self knowledge and consolidate identity.”