Felicia Gamedze

Felicia’s story is a story of faith. Driven by the desire to understand herself better, Felicia first thought that a career in writing and publishing was for her. But before she had completed high school, Felicia had realized that psychology was where her true calling lay.

“Even though I had moved countries (from Swaziland to South Africa) I had brought myself with me. I was still experiencing the same emotional pain and difficulties as I had back home. I hoped that by understanding myself better, I could then change society’s attitude towards mental health. Often religion and cultural influences put a stigma on emotional challenges, when in fact, a more open attitude to mental health can be incredibly empowering and positive.”

But how did Felicia find out about SACAP? “SACAP chose me,” she says. “It was more than a career, it was a vision.” When she went to get her matric results she happened to see a SACAP advert pinned to the noticeboard. It was a classic case of opportunity favouring a well-prepared mind.

And while Felicia’s study path has taken a little longer than originally planned, she wouldn’t change it for the world. “It’s been a lot of hard work but SACAP has been incredibly supportive and helped me on my way. The class interaction, the practical component and the fact that the educators have their own careers so they’re able to bring the world into the class is invaluable. I would highly recommend SACAP to anyone.”