James Mundell

James has a natural passion for both knowledge and helping people, so psychology appeals to him greatly. However, his path to education wasn’t easy. “After matric I spent a year working full time to raise money to start studying. The following year I enrolled in the Bachelors of Psychology degree as it fits in perfectly with my passion, and can be incorporated in just about any career.”

At first James was looking to study psychology overseas, but SACAP’s approach to both education and psychology appealed greatly to him. “Once I came for my first interview I knew it was the place I wanted to be and I wasn’t wrong, I think SACAP is incredible, both for personal growth and for education.”

In James’ opinion, a more accessible, practical form of mental health care is desperately needed, especially in South Africa. “That is a lot of what the BPsych is about, and in all reality, we need more psycho-education on just about every level. Mental health care is not just for those who are psychotic, it is also for the everyday person.

Another reason why he feels that the BPsych is perfect for him is that it will enable him to graduate after four years and go straight into the field. “That alone is massive, but it also allows me to incorporate applied psychology into any other field that I go more into as I grow and develop myself. I can also then study further in psychology if I would like to and on to masters.”

If anything, James is spoilt for choice as there are a numerous areas and fields that spark his interest and passion, “While I am not sure where I will exactly go – and I am sure it will evolve over time – I would love to work in high schools as a school counsellor, possibly also doing some relationship or family work as well when I gain more experience in counselling. I also want to do volunteer work with those who need help but may not be able to – or know how to – access it.

Does James have any words of encouragement for those considering a move to SACAP? “SACAP is revolutionary to education, it enlightens and empowers you. It may cost more than somewhere else, but, in all honesty, the level of education and learning is almost beyond comparison. I feel like SACAP encourages and gives you room to grow, while helping you to study and learn how to mentally support others.”