Joshua Brookbanks

Cape Town-based Joshua knew early on that a career in studying people and their behaviour would be a good fit for him.

Before joining SACAP, Joshua was studying copywriting in advertising but felt that he wasn’t on the right track, “I felt that this field of work aims at deceiving the public, however psychology performs the function of doing the exact opposite. I wanted to pursue a career that aided people in finding the truths of their internal and external worlds.”

This realisation helped him redirect his focus and got closer to his passion, “I have had the unrelenting urge to gain insight into why individual’s do what they do and feel what they feel. This is not a just from an outside-looking-in perspective, as he has also experienced first-hand the value of engaging in psychotherapy and understanding the power that it has, when applied correctly, to heal, empower and shift.”

Joshua is currently studying BAppSocSci. “I’m learning how to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. Therefore, I don’t simply retain theoretical knowledge that is taught in class, but I’m provided with the opportunity to apply it.”

Joshua aims on becoming both a clinical and community psychologist. “I believe that both individual therapy as well as community work is highly relevant to the South African context and the communities within it. It can only have a positive impact, and I want to be part of that change.”