Parveen Sonday

Parveen’s journey to SACAP’s doors reads like a travelogue filled with adventure and intense emotional grit. A successful member of the finance industry, Parveen found that the imbalance of work and associated stress took a toll on her health, which prompted her to exit the corporate world and travel.

Parveen says, “I knew that I wanted to experience a less pressured life and wanted the joy of meeting like-minded people across the globe.” She started her journey of self-development and discovery on the small island of Langkawi in Malaysia. From here she found her way to the Mount Everest Basecamp – a time she describes as being the most challenging and spiritually rewarding – and then it was on to Ubud where she met the Medicine Man. “It was in Bali that I found the reserves to face challenges and fuelled my decision to offer my services in the beautiful but poverty-stricken India. It was while I was doing volunteer work at a local orphanage that I found my purpose and passion for “complete” human healthiness,” says Parveen.

By her own admission it took Parveen a while to find her feet after returning to South Africa and reintegrating into society and the world of business. But it wasn’t long before she felt the need to take charge of her life once again, “This constant drive motivated me to find a recognised qualification where I could mesh my business skills with my passion for wellbeing.”

Parveen, on the advice of a friend, discovered SACAP and so it was that she went on to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching. “I hadn’t heard of SACAP before, but like so many decisions in life, I see now that it was one of the best choices I’ve made.” Among the college’s many good points, Parveen praises the high calibre of educators, mentors and supervisors. “I also enjoyed the relaxed environment and the fact that it is a place where like-minded individuals learn and collaborate. I liked that the courses are broken into chewable chunks, where one course rolls into the next and ultimately then into a complete Diploma. No time is lost in the process.”

Praveen’s approach to coaching is quite simple, “I believe that each person holds the key for independent thinking, the ability to become self-aware, and to empower themselves in seeking solutions to issues that hinder them from moving forward. My aim is a hands-on approach to help them overcome these barriers and guide the process of self-empowerment. One only needs to find the strength in oneself to dig deep in challenging situations and to take it one step at a time. My commitment is to connect with my client, remain involved in the process, give generative attention, and champion him or her in achieving set goals and objectives. I possess the strength and capacity to assist my clients in finding themselves through a unique coaching process, and ultimately designing their own motivational fingerprint.”

In three to five years’ time Parveen hopes to log the necessary hours to obtain her International Coach Federation and Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC) Accreditation and then the Master Certified Coach (MCC) Accreditation. She also plans to expand her investment work to create a blend of finance and coaching.

As a parting thought, this globe crossing Everest-climbing volunteer and businesswoman has this to say, “SACAP’s Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching is a NQF8 qualification. With that, hard work, sacrifice and commitment will be required to get you through to successful completion. Despite the weekly classes and weekend readings and/or getting ahead on assignments, the blood, sweat (and maybe not tears) makes this all worthwhile. If you want to change, become a better version of the person you know you can be, strive to help others in achieving their full potential and ultimately realise awareness within yourself – then this course is for you. It will be one heck of a rollercoaster ride but it is oh so worth it!”