Tamzin Adriaans

Tamzin has always had the desire to help those who are in need or to simply lend a helping hand. This belief was reinforced when she experienced difficulties in her personal life, Tamzin expands, “I’ve always known that I wanted to work with people, but as the years went by all I wanted to become was the person I needed when I went through difficult times.” Tamzin sees this supportive role as going beyond just the individual, “I also, hopefully, want be able make a difference in communities and society. In other words I want to make a difference from the inside – out. In other words by growing as a person I can help the greater community.

In order to equip herself to do just that Tamzin enrolled at SACAP. “One of the things I value most about studying here is that SACAP allows each and every individual to be who they truly are without being judged for it.” It’s a person-centric approach that the college bases its educational model on, which is also why the classes are kept small to maximize and deepen the learning experience.

A Bachelors of Applied Social Science student, Tamzin has her eye firmly on the future and plans on completing her Masters Degree. She also believes in the transformative power of applied psychology, “With more and more crimes happening in today’s world, applied psychology trains and equips individuals to offer services to individuals being traumatised or individuals facing difficulties regarding crime in South Africa”, she says. And luckily, at SACAP Tamzin feels that she is provided with a space were every individual has a fair opportunity of aspiring to greatness and making sure you are fully equipped for what is to come.