Thozama Nobhongoza

“Thozama’s volunteer work highlighted her passion to help others, which ultimately saw her enrol in SACAP. “Through SACAP I can become a Registered Counsellor, which gives me the ability to facilitate workshop interventions or needs assessment and really give back and empower people.” Thozama’s long-term goals include becoming a school counsellor during the week and completing her masters in community development. “I want to be an active participant in the community. Doing pro bono work for the less fortunate and running some psycho-education programmes. To sum it up, I hope to be making a change wherever I can.”

Thozama broadens her focus to the wider South African landscape, “Issues in our country are multidimensional and we know that there is a link between social, physical and mental factors. And by applying psychology and working with mental factors I hope that this will bring about physical and social changes as well – not only in the individual but in organisations and communities. Like a ripple effect.”