Za-eema Salie

Even though Za-eema has always been very interested in human behaviour, she didn’t immediately find her way to SACAP’s doors. “Just after I Matriculated in 2011, I attended a different higher education group. The first year I was there I did a bridging course in psychology and loved it. However, my second year was not a very pleasant one. I did not enjoy the way I was being taught which resulted in me hating the college.” After Za-eema came across an advert for SACAP she also happened to meet a SACAP student on holiday. Her enthusiasm was contagious and before long she and her father attended an Open Evening at SACAP. She registered immediately.

“I’m very inquisitive. I like to understand the reasons to why things are the way they are or why people act the way they do. Studying psychology has given me so much more insight about the world and people’s places within the world. It has taught me how to view different situations from various perspectives and has definitely made me a better person, including how I deal with my own tough situations.”

Za-eema’s next steps include studying a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, Industrial or Child Psychology. Thereafter, she hopes to work within the community in order to bring upliftment to the communities and also to gain invaluable experience that will help her become a better psychologist. “The ultimate dream is to have my own practice one day where I will be able to not just provide services to private clients but also to those who need support but can’t readily access it.”

Turning the conversation back to her experience at SACAP, and Za-eema says she has never been happier. Not so long ago she had the opportunity to return the gift that the girl she’d met on holiday had given her and her family: “I had just finished a class and was in the lift where I met two parents and their son. As short as a lift ride is they asked me if I am a student at SACAP and what it was like being at SACAP. My response to them was that SACAP is an amazing college, I never thought that I would experience such great lecturers, classes and support. The staff is always available for you whenever you need them, the classes are interesting and with the practical side to the modules given at SACAP just brings the theory to life. The lecturers also give us amazing examples of their own experiences being in the field of psychology. I felt like there was so much more I could say to them because our conversation ended up in the lobby. The following year I saw their son around campus and thought to myself that they made the best decision of sending their son to SACAP.