From the couch to the community

Registered Counsellor Andreas Benetsi has been described as an “emotional ambulance”. He takes his couselling skills directly to the community. How? He holds his sessions inside his kombi.

Want to become a Registered Counsellor too? Enroll in SACAPs 4-year BPsych degree and take advantage of the fieldwork component that SACAP weaves into many of their modules.

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Your Comments on “From the couch to the community”

  1. priscilla

    hi do you offer psychology bursaries or loans, i would like to register for it for the following year (2017)

    • Marketing Team

      Hi Priscilla,

      We don’t offer any bursaries. We wish you all the best with your studies!

  2. Marie Myburgh

    I would like to do psychology how do i register?


  3. Abdul J Akuki

    Pls! I am a Bachelor of science Degree holder in Sociology. Is there any simple way for a beginner like to enroll in this program because the conditions I saw through my email is too much for me. NIGERIAN…..
    Thank u

    • Adele Bezuidenhout

      Hi Abdul,

      Your admissions officer, Claire, will be in touch shortly to assist you.

  4. chante

    Good day

    I was wondering, if I would like to become a volunteer in my spare time where or how do I find more information about this? I have finished my BA humanities degree at stellenbosch with psychology as my major and this year I’m going to complete SACAP’s advanced certificate in counselling and communication.

    Your feedback will be much appreciated
    Thank you

    • Adele Bezuidenhout

      Hi Chante,

      The best would be to google for NGO’s, Community Counselling centres, Children’s Homes or Elderly Homes in your area. They are always in dire need of counsellors. We wish you all the best with your studies!