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Social Impact

Inside out

There is an enormous difference between the lofty ideals to which South African society aspires and the stark community realities of poverty, crime and dislocation.

In an attempt to address this gap, SACAP believes that to positively impact a single life is to change the whole world, which is why our educational philosophy and training focuses on the development of our students at three levels:

A robust academic knowledge base.

Contextually relevant and practical skills.

A deepened self-understanding in relation to others.

By walking a growth journey with each of our students, we make sure that the personal transformation that takes place in the classroom ultimately translates into a broader social impact. Working in concentric circles from the inside out.

How SACAP is making a difference

SACAP Foundation

The primary purpose of the SACAP Foundation is to address the inadequate provision of mental health care services in South Africa. The Foundation seeks to be a positive force for change, oriented towards social justice and addressing the wide gap that exists between mental health service needs and available quality provision in disadvantaged and marginalised communities.

The Counselling Hub

The Counselling Hub is SACAP Foundation’s first project, and it is a response to the current structural and socio-economic barriers that make it almost impossible for the majority of South Africans to access affordable mental health care services. The Counselling Hub offers low-cost counselling services and focuses on psycho-educational programmes, advocacy and research in an effort to transform South Africa’s mental health landscape.

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