The importance of fieldwork while studying psychology

The acquisition of experience critical before setting out to pursue a career in psychology. Here are some of the reasons why.

Published: March 25, 2019 / 0 Comments

How to deal with divorce as a parent

For many South Africans facing divorce, acquiring the services of a good lawyer is usually the first port of call. But there is another way. Nadia Thonnard, professional counsellor and founder of SADSA (The South African Divorce Support Association), discusses how an approach to divorce that favours mediation over litigation can limit the negative knock-on effects for children of divorced parents.

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Coaching has become a powerful tool for this SACAP graduate

Rabbi Sam Thurgood believes his SACAP qualification has helped him become an effective problem solver.

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Empowering women takes centre stage with this SACAP trained coach

Samareh Rahnavardi helps women make positive changes and shine – SACAP

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The most powerful questions a coach can ask

Clients should think, create answers they believe in, and act on their ideas. These penetrating coaching questions will get them to do just that.

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Understanding passive aggressive behaviour, and how to deal with it

Dealing with passive aggressive behaviour can be challenging, but it’s important to show patience, and to respond in a constructive way.

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