What is work integrated learning?

The work integrated learning module offers you a comprehensive practical placement within an organisational setting that is related to a specific area, e.g. working with adolescents, addiction, trauma, and more. Work integrated learning is the perfect opportunity for you to apply the knowledge you’ve learned in class to your chosen field of interest, building your confidence and honing our skillset for the work-place.

Which qualifications include the work integrated learning module?

The following SACAP qualifications include 200 hours of work integrated learning:

  • Advanced Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills
  • Diploma in Counselling and Communication
  • Bachelor of Applied Social Science degree

Why is work integrated learning so important?

Work integrated learning is an essential element of your training and development to become a skilled, knowledgeable, ethical, and confident counsellor. Work integrated learning gives you:

  1. Valuable and practical experience before you graduate.
  2. The chance to develop in your particular field of interest.
  3. The opportunity to make a positive impact in people’s lives.
  4. Counsellor aptitudes and ethical awareness.
  5. The confidence to graduate “work ready”.

Work integrated learning placement site opportunities

SACAP has a wide network of over 100 placement site options nationally that cover a diverse range of counselling environments. We look for a match between your area of interest and the placement site opportunities we have available:

Work Integrated Learning placements

What does work integrated learning include?

  • Preparatory workshops that fine tune and focus your counselling knowledge and skills for real-world application.
  • A cross-cultural workshop to raise awareness of diversity and prepare you for the challenge of a work setting.
  • One-on- one client interaction and case management.
  • Expert supervision to support you through work integrated learning, give you constructive feedback, and further develop your skills.