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SACAP’s Online Campus offers a variety of rich learning experiences ranging from digitally-led qualifications (with facilitator support) to educator-led learning journeys where the work is actively presented to you. But no matter which route you choose, know that all of our teaching approaches include highly engaging and collaborative experiences that deepen your understanding of the course material.  

More importantly, our commitment to student success goes beyond the classroom. You can expect a comprehensive range of support service resources designed to foster independence, critical thinking, and lifelong learning skills. This, coupled with support and motivation from your facilitator/educator and peers, goes a long way in helping you stay the distance to graduation. 

The Online Campus learning materials are textured in nature and embrace video content, interactive multimedia experiences and online academic papers to textbook readings and joint projects or solo assignments. Many of our qualifications include a Work Integrated Learning component that must be completed at a placement site that is convenient for you. Most importantly, the campus is digital first, which means our facilitators and educators are experienced in working in a virtual learning space and know how to keep the momentum and interest alive as you journey through your qualifications.  

How to apply

How to apply

1. Talk

Chat to your admissions officer for course advice or to answer any questions you may have.

2. Submit

  • Fill in your application form and send it, together with your supporting documents
    to [email protected] or email it to your admissions officer.

3. Pay

  • Pay your registration fee and finalise payment plans
    and outstanding documents to confirm your place.

4. Receive

Get your student number, textbook lists and invitation to orientation. Congratulations! You are now a fully registered student at SACAP.

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