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Established in 1997, SACAP is a leading independent provider of Applied Psychology that offers a range of registered and accredited courses ranging from Higher Certificates, a diploma and undergraduate degrees to postgraduate qualifications and specialised programmes. Applied Psychology forms the core of each course and topic areas include Psychology, Communication, Business Management, Human Resource Management, Social Work and Coaching.


This South African based private tertiary education institution has a 3000-strong (and growing) student cohort and has a custom-designed campus in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria. SACAP also offers training to the world via its Online Campus and provides short micro-credentials via SACAP Global.


SACAP’s commitment to taking a person-centred approach translates into a social learning environment in which students can engage with peers, industry experts, educators and course facilitators with ease. A key part of this success lies in the deliberately small class sizes and ongoing mentor support to make sure that every student receives the tools they need to succeed.


In short, SACAP’s grounding in Applied Psychology, together with its innovative and transformative educational philosophy, produces high-quality graduates who blend skill, critical thinking and creativity to be responsive to the needs of society leading to positive change.


Purpose, Vision and Mission




Educating for a better world




To develop change-makers through innovative education.




Our grounding in applied psychology, together with our innovative and transformative educational philosophy, produce high quality graduates who blend skill, critical thinking and creativity to be responsive to the needs of society leading to positive change.


What you need to know about becoming a Social Worker

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SACAP is inspired by a vision of an empowered society, knitted by confident, self-aware individuals in healthy relationships with self, family and community.

We contribute significantly to the fulfilment of this vision by empowering our students to grow in themselves and to positively impact the lives of others. In this way, SACAP plays a critical and positive role within South African communities and our society at large. Trained practitioners bring positive individual and communal transformation.

They are, however, in short supply relative to the enormous need. South African society is dislocated with enormous untapped potential which is exactly why SACAP is dedicated to the training and development of knowledgeable, skilled and ethical practitioners through the provision of leading, accredited, high-quality educational programmes and qualifications.

Academically, our educators are acknowledged as leading professionals in their fields of expertise. Students benefit from the wealth of experience and skill that our educators are able to bring to the teaching and learning environment.

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