Admissions Policy

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Definition of Terms

Assessment is the process of gathering a range of evidence and forming a judgement as to whether a learner has achieved a specified level of competence in clearly identified learning outcomes or standards in a module of study. 

Academic Credit Accumulation refers to the process of achieving credits over time in relation to a programme of study.

Credit refers to the measure of the volume of learning required for a qualification and not academic years of study; quantified as the number of notional hours required for achieving the learning outcomes for the qualification. 10 notional study hours is equivalent to one credit.  

Rules of Progression identifies the parameters governing progression through a programme of study.

Articulation refers to the parameters governing the progression from one programme of study to another programme of study.

Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CAT) is the process whereby credits obtained at one institution may be recognised by another, or the same, as meeting part of the requirements for a qualification

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process that gives due recognition to the life-long learning of an individual gained through formal and/or informal training, work experience, general life experience, or through any combination of the above.

Qualification is the formal recognition and certification of learning achievement awarded by an accredited institution.

Programme is a purposeful and structured set of learning experiences that leads to a qualification. Multiple programmes can lead to one qualification.

Transcript is a document issued by an institution to provide a descriptive record of the learning a student has achieved at that institution, whether or not a qualification has been awarded.

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