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Study with SACAP Online Flexi

As part of SACAP’s commitment to a person-centred approach to learning, we have 2 online personal study options that students can choose from, namely: Online Live or Online Flexi.

A self-directed approach to online learning

Online Flexi is an ideal learning approach if you want to self-pace through weekly online engagements and tasks, while managing your personal and professional commitments.  It’s a good choice for more self-motivated and independent learners, who can self-pace through weekly online resources and activities, while managing other life commitments.

Online Flexi is an active, engaging and collaborative learning experience that gives you the independence to meet your weekly course requirements at a time, place and pace that suits you best.

The learning materials are released on a Monday morning and you have the full week in which to complete the tasks, giving you the flexibility to manage your weekly course requirements together with your other life commitments. Live webinars may be scheduled from time to time at your educator’s discretion. 

Class sizes are deliberately limited in size to promote flexibly paced collaboration and engagement with your peers and online educator. What’s more, our educators and online support team ensure that students will never feel lost or alone.


Why Study Online Flexi?

  • Enjoy a high degree of flexibility and independence.
  • Set the pace of your learning and engagement with material and activities to meet each week’s study requirements.
  • Have flexibility in managing your studies with your other life commitments.
  • You’re not bound by place, time or space. You decide when and where you want to study.
  • Advancements in technology offer variety in engagement, learning approaches and collaboration through various weekly activities and tasks.
  • Benefit from strong levels of community and social interaction with peers and educators through flexibly paced collaborative online activities.
  • You don’t have to worry about travel costs.
  • Have access to online library resources and physical campuses as resource centres.
  • You will still do course-specific Work Integrated Learning which is where you gain invaluable practical experience. 

How to apply

How to apply

1. Talk

Chat to your admissions officer for course advice or to answer any questions you may have.

2. Submit

  • Fill in your application form and send it, together wih your supporting documents
    to or email it to your admissions officer.

3. Pay

  • Pay your registration fee and finalise payment plans
    and outstanding documents to confirm your place.

4. Receive

Get your student number, textbook lists and invitation to orientation. Congratulations! You are now a fully registered student at SACAP.

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