The matric results you need to apply for a Higher Certificate course

The Higher Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills serves as a gateway to higher learning, while providing a basic introduction to psychology.

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6 important qualities that a psychology student needs to have

The work of psychologists requires individuals with a particular set of qualities. Here are six traits that psychology students should focus on.

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University Application Dates for 2019

Still unsure what to do with the coming year? SACAP’s term 2 intake means it’s not too late to advance your studies. Here are the options available to you.

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6 habits of highly successful entrepreneurs

Many of the strategies employed by successful entrepreneurs can be adopted by anyone looking to improve their effectiveness. Here are six examples.

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How to train your brain to be happy

While research shows that our brains tend to have a negativity bias, we are, nonetheless, hardwired for happiness. Mother Nature, in other words, has endowed us with a body that is capable of positive emotions, actions and expressions.

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5 benefits of studying after school instead of travelling

Taking a gap year may be the fashionable thing to do after school, but it’s not for everyone. Here are five benefits to studying before you go travelling.

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