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New Skills in the Modern Workplace: A Higher Certificate Approach

Feb 19, 2024
Female life coach helps unrecognizable female client by asking thought provoking questions
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A Higher Certificate can be a strategic move in your educational journey. A Higher Certificate is a dynamic qualification for advancing your skill set, boosting your CV and ultimately unlocking the door to higher academic achievements. Adéle Bellingan and Carl Badenhorst demonstrate the direct link between higher certificates and advanced academic pursuits and showcase how these certificates serve as a stepping stone towards earning a Bachelor’s degree.

  • 0:00​ Welcome to our Webinar
  • 1:40​ Carl Badenhorst: Key Skills or a Changing Workplace
  • 9:30 Adéle Bellingan: The Power of Higher Certificates in Personal and Professional Development
  • 21:20 Live Q&A
  • 37:00 Thank You

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