SACAP - Building Resilience In Teachers

SACAP – Building Resilience in Teachers

Sep 20, 2023
A Guide to Effective Classroom Communication Webinar - SACAP
Mobile Curve
Mobile Curve

During the Building Resilience in Teachers our guest speakers will shared practical advice on how teachers can use self-care as a strategy to better cope with their often-challenging working conditions. In addition, insights and tips we shared on how best to understand and navigate bullying in the school environment.

  • 0:00​ Welcome to our Webinar
  • 0:51​ Dr Laila Jeebodh-Desai: Bullying in the Workplace
  • 34:15 Janine Kendall & Alicia Coertze: Self-care and Self-love
  • 52:23 Dr Lauren Martin: Resilient teachers, Empowered students
  • 01:05:50 Live Q&A
  • 01:21:10 Thank You

Disclaimer: Some of the opinions and experiences expressed within the webinar are solely the speakers’ and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of SACAP or its affiliates.

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