SACAP - Diversity In The Classroom For Teachers

SACAP – Diversity in the Classroom for Teachers

Jul 24, 2022
A Guide to Effective Classroom Communication Webinar - SACAP
Mobile Curve
Mobile Curve

In a complex and diverse South Africa, teachers are tasked with delivering a curriculum in a way that is inclusive yet still inspiring for young minds.

In this webinar, our panel explores diversity in the classroom and teaching methods that can foster inclusion to ensure that all learners are inspired and prepared for what lies ahead.

  • 0:00​ Welcome to our Webinar
  • 1:00​ Natalie Donaldson: Diversity and Educator Responsibility
  • 12:40 Kiara Parsuram: Coping with Learning Difficulties
  • 25:25 Dr Diana De Sousa: Teachers’ Guide to Supporting Children with Special Learning and Educational Needs
  • 57:00 Juan-Pierre Moller: Learning through Song and Dance
  • 01:19:55 Live Q&A
  • 01:29:40 Thank you

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