SACAP Global - What Are Micro-credentials? The Value Of Stackable Credentials

SACAP Global – What are micro-credentials? The Value of Stackable Credentials

Mar 04, 2022
SACAP Global | What are OpenCreds? The value of stackable credentials
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Mobile Curve

Preparing for the future world of work seems to be on everyone’s minds. OpenLearning’s Marsyitah Ismail explains the OpenLearning platform, framework and benefits to students. Thereafter, the Head of Strategic Innovation at SACAP Global, Karolyne Williams, elaborated on micro-credentials and how stacking them can be of value.

  • 0:00​ Welcome to our Webinar
  • 2:55 Marsyitah Ismail: OpenLearning and OpenCreds
  • 29:00 Karolyne Williams: The value of stackable credentials
  • 42:40 Live Q&A
  • 51:30 Thank you

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