SACAP - The Diverse Roles Of Social Workers

SACAP – The Diverse Roles of Social Workers

Oct 18, 2023
Woman social worker talking to teenage girl at office
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A panel of qualified and experienced Social Workers share the various hats they wear in different industries.

  • 0:00​ Welcome to our Webinar
  • 0:50​ Khatija Kalil: Social Work in the NGO sector
  • 06:40 Viaan Lucas: The Role of the Social Worker in Palliative Care
  • 25:36 Carmen Herwell: Clinical Social Work
  • 40:50 Ayesha Malagas: Social Worker in Private Practice (EAP/EWP & Occupational Social Work)
  • 53:00 Eslynne Gillion: Journey of a Looked After Child in the UK
  • 01:13:00 SACAP’s Bachelor of Social Work Programme
  • 01:18:10 Thank You

Disclaimer: Some of the opinions and experiences expressed within the webinar are solely the speakers’ and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of SACAP or its affiliates.

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