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SACAP – The Value of Life Skills Specialists in Schools

Oct 31, 2022
Mobile Curve
Mobile Curve

SACAP has launched an inaugural Postgraduate Certificate in Education that aims to equip graduates to become Life Skills Specialists within the context of South African education. 

Watch as three of South Africa’s proficient Life Skills Specialists take a deep dive into the need for Life Orientation teachers and Guidance Counsellors in schools. 

Disclaimer: Some of the opinions expressed within the webinar are solely the speaker’s and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of SACAP or its affiliates. 

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  • 0:00​ Welcome to our Webinar 
  • 0:45​ Dr Rajandran Naidoo: The Launch of SACAP’s PGCE 
  • 14:38 Marjorie Twigg: The Value of Life Orientation – Seeks to improve the quality of life & free the potential of learners 
  • 34:22 Jacques Viljoen: Counsellors in Schools – Effectiveness, environment & embeddedness 
  • 51:13 Dr Rajandran Naidoo: Conclusion 
  • 57:38 Live Q&A 
  • 01:13:20 Thank you 

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