SACAP - Thriving Through Corporate Coaching

SACAP – Thriving through Corporate Coaching

Apr 05, 2023
Thriving through Corporate Coaching Webinar - SACAP
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Coaching has become widely recognised by the advantages it provides for businesses, individuals, and families.

From expanding self-awareness and collective responsibility, to embodying emotional and social intelligence, coaching is more than just a tool to achieve goals.

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  • 0:00​ Welcome to our Webinar
  • 0:45 Kirti Karr: Thriving through Corporate Coaching
  • 20:21 Kaylynn Philander: The Value of Coaching in Business
  • 25:50 Nkulu Madonko: Student Experience & Testimonial
  • 36:50 Live Q&A
  • 55:30 Thank you

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