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Young man at the beach with arms outstretched enjoying the sunrise
Applied Psychology

Science Shows How a Trip to the Beach Changes Your Brain

Psychologists say time spent at the seaside does the mind (and body) good. Here’s how to best reap the benefits of all that...

Rewiring Your Brain for Happiness
Applied Psychology

Rewiring Your Brain for Happiness

Is training your brain to be happy like attempting to teach an old dog new tricks? Is it even possible to train something...

Studying later in life boosts your brain and keeps you young, says this SACAP graduate
Alumni Blogs

Studying later in life boosts your brain and keeps you young, says this SACAP...

You can’t teach old dogs new tricks, right? Uh-uh, not true! The antediluvian adage, which dates back to 1523, appears to be unfounded...

Benefits of Dancing
Applied Psychology

Dancing can reduce the signs of ageing in the brain

From increasing empathy and boosting mood to improving cognitive ability and reversing the signs of ageing, here are five good reasons to hit...

Management & Leadership

Dopamine and your brain: How does it work?

Dopamine may activate our reward systems, but it can also hijack the brain, permanently altering its hardwiring. How does this feel-good hormone work?

Applied Psychology

Understanding the brain: The work of neuropsychologists

Do you yearn to discover the secrets of the body's most complex organ? Then perhaps you should consider becoming a neuropsychologist.

How your brain plays tricks on you
Management & Leadership

Jumping to conclusions: How your brain plays tricks on you

Heuristics, or shortcuts that our minds naturally take so we can make split-second decisions, are helpful in many situations as they allow people...

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