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Gen Z in the Workplace: Prioritising Workplace Values

Jul 01, 2024 | By Bev Moss-Reilly
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Explore how Gen Z is reshaping workplace priorities, focusing on mental health, flexibility, and corporate responsibility. Learn why these factors are crucial for attracting and retaining young talent.  

Defining Generation Z

Generation Z, or Gen ​Z, encompasses individuals born between the mid-to-late 1990s​ ​and the early 2010s. This generation is characterised by its fluency in technology, social consciousness, and pragmatic approach to societal issues. Gen Z is reshaping workplace priorities as they enter the workforce, emphasizing mental health, flexibility, and corporate responsibility.  

Navigating the Hybrid Work Model

Generation Z places a strong emphasis on technology, having grown up in an era where digital connectivity is ubiquitous. This generation is adept at navigating social media, utilizing digital tools for education and work, and integrating technology seamlessly into their daily lives. Alongside their tech-savviness, Gen Z values flexibility and autonomy, seeking work and life arrangements that allow them to balance personal and professional goals. They prioritize remote work options, entrepreneurial endeavours, and opportunities that provide a sense of control over their time and careers, reflecting a desire for a more individualized and self-directed approach to life. 

Adapting to Change

Gen Z is at the forefront of navigating the hybrid work model, certainly blending ​remote and in-person work​ seamlessly. Their digital literacy and adaptability equip them well for this new era of work. An era where communication and collaboration transcend physical boundaries.  

Balancing Flexibility and Community

While Gen Z values the flexibility of remote work, they also crave social connections and networking opportunities inherent in traditional office settings. A hybrid work model that merges remote flexibility with in-person collaboration satisfies their desire for work-life balance and community engagement.  

Generation Z is marked by a heightened societal awareness, often engaging deeply with social and environmental issues. This generation leverages their online presence to advocate for causes they care about, using social media platforms to spread awareness, organize movements, and drive change. Their fluency with digital tools enables them to seamlessly integrate their advocacy with their professional lives, both online and in the office. In workplace settings, Gen Z expects and promotes corporate social responsibility, valuing employers who demonstrate a commitment to societal and environmental impact. Their ability to effortlessly switch between virtual and physical workspaces further supports their active participation in societal discourse, as they harness technology to stay informed, connected, and proactive in addressing the issues that matter to them. It is in this way that they demonstrate their ease with balancing flexibility. 

Prioritising Mental Health and Wellbeing

Amidst the transition to hybrid work, Gen Z prioritises mental health and wellbeing. Companies should implement policies and resources supporting mental wellness to ensure the productivity and satisfaction of this generation in the workplace.  

Acknowledging the risk of digital overload and burnout, they emphasize the importance of checking in and maintaining balance. 

Driving Technological Innovation

Tech-Savvy Contributions

As digital literates, Gen Z drives technological innovation in the workplace. Their proficiency with digital tools and platforms propels organizations towards agile, tech-driven approaches to work, fostering efficiency and innovation. This generation excels in collaborative digital environments. They leverage cloud-based tools, project management software, and virtual communication platforms to enhance teamwork and productivity. Gen Z’s comfort with technology enables them to adapt quickly to new digital solutions, making them pivotal in the ongoing digital transformation of businesses. 

Challenges and Solutions

Despite their technological prowess, Gen Z faces challenges in hybrid work landscapes, including remote work etiquette and feelings of isolation. Employers must prioritize effective communication, mentorship, and support systems to address these hurdles and nurture Gen Z talent. Additionally, to nurture their mental health and wellbeing, Gen Z needs flexible working hours, mental health days, access to mental health resources such as counselling and wellness programs, and a supportive work culture that encourages open communication about mental health. Regular breaks, opportunities to disconnect from work outside of office hours, and initiatives that foster social connections and a sense of community within the workplace are also essential to ensure their overall wellbeing and productivity. 

Shaping the Future of Work

Generation Z’s presence in the workplace signals a shift towards flexible, tech-driven, and inclusive environments. Having this generation in the workplace may require different approaches. Organizations need to adapt to these needs to fully leverage the unique strengths and capabilities of Gen Z. 

Corporate Responsibility, Side Hustle Culture, and Diversity & Inclusion

Embracing Corporate Responsibility

Gen Z is making its mark on the world with a distinct focus on corporate responsibility. With ​a heightened awareness of​ social and environmental issues, Gen Z is holding corporations ​accountable for their actions​. They generally demand ​transparency​, ethical practices, and genuine efforts toward sustainability. 

Companies are increasingly pressured to align their values with those of Gen Z or risk losing relevance to this socially conscious demographic.  

The Rise of Side Hustle Culture

Gen Z is driven by a desire for​ financial independence and creative expression and embraces the side hustle culture like never before. Whether starting a small business on Etsy, monetising social media platforms, or freelancing in various gigs, Gen Z actively seeks alternative income streams outside traditional employment. This entrepreneurial spirit is reshaping the workforce landscape and redefining notions of career success. 

Championing Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion and diversity are non-negotiable values for Gen Z. This generation is explicitly pushing for greater representation and equality across all spheres of society. They celebrate differences in race, gender, sexuality, and abilities and demand inclusivity in workplaces, educational institutions, and media representation.  

​​Gen Z’s unwavering commitment to​ diversity drives meaningful ​change in addition to fostering a ​more inclusive world​ for future generations.  

​Gen Z is a generation that​ prioritises corporate responsibility, embraces side hustle culture, and champions inclusion and diversity. Therefore, their collective voice and actions reshape industries, drive innovation, and push society toward a more equitable and sustainable future.  

In summary, we have established that Gen Z places emphasis on key values in the modern workplace.  Gen Z prioritises authenticity, flexibility, and diversity among those mentioned.  

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