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The need for coaches in the tech industry

Feb 28, 2020 | By Signpost
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Managers in the tech industry struggle to deal with the rapid change that the work entails. Here’s how a professional coach can make a difference.

Key takeaways

  • Managers in the tech industry need help dealing with the rapid change that working in tech entails.
  • Professional coaches can help managers develop the skills and methods needed to lead tech companies into the future.

Technology is the future, and not only are entire industries forced to adapt to that fact, but the tech companies themselves have to deal with the rapid change that the nature of their work entails.

While many traditional careers may struggle to survive in the wake of digital evolution; coaching is one with the potential to thrive. Professional coaches have the skills and training to prepare business leaders for the challenges of day-to-day management, and the leaders of tech companies will need guidance in order to deal with the ever-shifting landscape of tech.

Who can benefit from coaching in tech?

If you’re the owner or manager of a tech company, you need to be aware of the boost professional coaching can provide to worker productivity. Within the tech industry, the people who can benefit most from the guidance of a professional coach include:

  • Managers, who in the tech industry are younger on average than managers in non-tech sectors (42 vs 47, according to a Visier Insights Report)
  • Engineers and programmers promoted to management positions, whose communication and leadership skills have room for improvement

Helping young managers deal with change

Executive coach, Dave Hill Jr., writes on his blog Go 2 Market Coach that technology companies and fast-paced startups usually have “young and inexperienced managers who are facing new challenges and needing development in key areas of their jobs”.

He adds: “If things are going reasonably well, the company is growing at breakneck speed and each week is full of new ideas, new team members, and upgrades to work projects and processes.”

Managers in such companies struggle to keep up with the pace of change, and are forced to develop the necessary skills on the fly.

Executive coaching can aid the development of managers by:

  • Helping them maintain focus and develop a plan, ultimately developing the skills to keep themselves grounded amid rapid change
  • Providing honest feedback, something a young manager may be missing in their new position
  • Helping maintain clarity and develop a vision, despite the ambiguity that comes with working in a fast-changing sector
  • Developing a roadmap to personal and professional development in order to help young managers deal with the high expectations being placed on them
  • Helping recently promoted managers, many of whom may be accustomed to engineering and coding work, develop the communication skills they need to lead
  • Recently promoted managers also need guidance in learning to delegate and supervise

If you’re interested in learning more about professional coaching, and the vital role it can play in the workplaces of the future, you should consider studying a coaching course at SACAP. These courses can help pave the way for a career in coaching, while helping to develop skills that can be of use in any career path. For more information, enquire now.

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