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What our graduates say about SACAP – Wolfgang Frank

May 05, 2021 | By Venessa Dace
What our graduates say about SACAP - Wolfgang Frank
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Do you feel like you’ve made the right career choice? Maybe you’re on the right path, but you’re unsure how to reach your full potential?

Wolfgang Frank, 37, can relate. 16 years ago he was on a completely different career trajectory to the one he’s on now. He felt frustrated and out of alignment with a real sense of purpose.

Following advice from a friend, Wolfgang registered at SACAP. He enrolled for the Coach Practitioner Programme and graduated in 2017.

What happened next went beyond any dream he’d ever envisioned for his future. We asked Wolfgang to share his view of his career-changing journey.

Here and now

Wolfgang is a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) certified and registered life coach practitioner. He lives and works in Cape Town. His great loves? “Nature, music, deep connections, moving and using my body daily, dance, nourishing food, and going on journeys,” he says.

Becoming a life coach wasn’t always on his bucket list. He trained and worked as an architect/ interior designer. “I couldn’t see myself growing and working in that industry for the rest of my life,” he explains. “I needed something fresh and challenging, which ended up giving me way more than I expected!”

Journey of a lifetime

Wolfgang says his journey with SACAP has been integral to his current career success. How? “In a short span of time my mind was intensely transformed!” he exclaims. “I learnt a wealth of knowledge and practical ways of applying it.”

“SACAP has given me the credibility and confidence to practice as a professional,” he continues. “The Coach Practitioner Programme is affiliated and recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as well as COMENSA.”

Furthermore, Wolfgang applauds SACAP’s moral code. “The programme puts an emphasis on conducting and serving people ethically and competently,” he says. “This is incredibly important in an industry that is not formally regulated.”

Building plans

Wolfgang plans to keep building on what he’s learnt. “I completed my NLP certification shortly after finishing my SACAP course,” he says. “My coaching approach is based on the power of independent discovery. I believe it’s paramount to (re)discover your true identity in order to connect and communicate effectively with yourself and others. This enables you to better articulate what you want from life.”

Currently Wolfgang is curious about neuroscience for high-performance, he says. “I’m particularly interested in building resilience and avoiding burn-out to optimise high-performing individuals and teams in organisations.”

In fact, he says, he’s looking forward to putting what he’s learning into practice as soon as possible. “I guess I could soon call myself a performance coach as well.”

Coaching kudos

Today coaching has become a critical element in ensuring both business and personal success, says Wolfgang. “Anyone whose thoughts are going around in circles or is feeling stuck will benefit from partnering with a coach.”

“Ultimately,” he continues, “to succeed in life we need the appropriate space in which to recognise what we want or what is needed for the best possible solution. Coaching provides this space.”

Would he recommend SACAP’s coaching course in particular?  “Absolutely!” he insists. “It’s a real awakening of awareness. I would recommend it to all aspiring coaches. Even if you don’t end up pursuing a coaching career, the personal growth one goes through is invaluable.”

Golden opportunity

Five years ago Wolfgang was unhappy in his job. He was bold enough to change career paths and today he’s a thriving life coach with ambitious plans for the future. “I want to make a substantial contribution in the change mind set of our world, which is so desperately needed,” he says.

Wolfgang discovered a renewed sense of purpose through SACAP, and you can too. Want to discover how SACAP’s coaching courses can unleash a range of exciting opportunities for you? Click here now.

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