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Mental Health Toolkit for Teachers

Apr 15, 2021
Mental Health Toolkit for Teachers
Mobile Curve
Mobile Curve

Teachers play a crucial role in society and managing and shaping student’s futures in stressful times can be a heavy burden to bear.

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the face of education. Teachers have had to learn new skills, cope with additional workloads and manage greater expectations from parents. It’s hard to lead others when it’s hard to know what tomorrow holds.

SACAP recognises the pressure that they are under and invited educators to join a discussion with our team.

Watch as Registered Counselling Psychologist, Clare Chester, unpacks the mental health impact of COVID and strategies that can help students manage the difficulties they face. Dr Anne Govender draws on her extensive experience and shares insights into the current learning environment and effective methodologies that teachers can implement in the classroom. Then, Educational and Research Psychologist, Dr Diana De Sousa, provided teachers with a practical toolkit on mental health, engaging attendees to share their experiences and insights with the forum.

Download the Teachers Mental Health Toolkit with some of these strategies here.

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