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What our students have to say about SACAP – Serushka Ehlers

Feb 28, 2020
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Surushka knew early on in life that the arena of psychology was the right fit for her. “My school friends always shared their issues with me,” she says. “They knew they could trust me.”

So when it came time to continue her tertiary studies, Surushka chose SACAP for its strong practical component. “I had friends at university who only got field experience after they completed their studies. I liked that SACAP integrates academia and fieldwork, which is a great way to work out where and how you fit into the bigger picture. We learn the theory and then we get out there and implement what we’ve just learned. It’s a process that makes us feel comfortable with the environment.”

Surushka openly confesses that she grew up in a relatively sheltered environment and that SACAP’s pro-community fieldwork opened her eyes to the real problems of the world. “In my time at SACAP I have been continually growing and changing my thought process and how I view the world. The environment is very warm, open and engaging. Everyone is very interactive and SACAP’s lecturers are friendly.” She continues, “I feel that SACAP walks the path alongside me, showing me how to tackle challenges through demonstration – not just by talking. Students really learn skills that follow them throughout their lives.”

Looking forward, Surushka hopes to finish her degree and honours. And perhaps it is because of her stable background that she wants to go on and work with underprivileged kids. But no matter where she ends up, this warmhearted student’s long-term goal is to always give something back.

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