SACAP - The South African College of Applied Psychology

SACAP’s three year BAppSocSci undergraduate degree offers an option to specialise in human resource management.

The degree builds critical thinking skills and a depth of understanding of the individual within a social and organisational context. The graduate is well-positioned for admission into an honours degree or postgraduate studies in psychology, the social sciences, or human resource management. The specialisation also incorporates essential “work ready” human resource management skills.

At a Glance

Availability On campus (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria) and online
Duration 3 years, full-time, on campus

5 years, part-time, online

Modules and Credits 26 modules (360 + credits)
WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING 3 months, full time including mentoring

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Is this course for me?

If you say yes to any of the following points, then the BAppSocSci with a specialisation in Human Resource Management could be the perfect fit for you.

Do you?

  • Have an interest in psychology and people, specifically in an organisational context.
  • Have a desire to understand people and positively impact them in the workplace context.
  • Want a qualification that will give you comprehensive theoretical and methodological understandings in both psychology and human resource management.
  • Want to underpin your studies in human resource management with a second major in psychology.
  • Want to gain practical work integrated learning experience, as part of your studies, to boost your expertise and confidence in human resource management.
  • Want an accredited qualification that is nationally benchmarked and internationally comparable.
  • Want a qualification that will provide multiple academic pathways for an honours degree or postgraduate studies in psychology, the social sciences, human resources or related fields.
  • Want a qualification that will position you well for employment in human resources within an organisation.

What will I learn?

Throughout the BAppSocSci degree you’ll develop critical thinking skills and gain a depth of understanding in:

  • Psychology, mental health and people in a social context, including personality and developmental paradigms for understanding individual and group behaviour.
  • Psychological challenges and models for understanding behaviour.
  • The macro and micro business environments, business ethics and processes.
  • Applied human resource management strategies, policies and procedures.
  • The application of labour law and labour relations.
  • Organisation development and individual, team and organisational change models and principles.
  • Diversity and cross-cultural dynamics in the South African workplace context.

You will also develop:

  • Interpersonal and group communication skills, including development and management strategies.
  • Skills to design, implement, monitor and evaluate human resource programmes.
  • Practical human resource management experience via work integrated learning.
  • Skills to conceptualise, plan, analyse and interpret research.
  • Financial literacy in understanding and applying basic financial and accounting principles in a human resource management context.

What can I do with this qualification?

You will be able to work as a human resource practitioner. This means that, you can:

  • On completion of this degree, work in human resource environments within an organisation.
  • Practice effective interpersonal communication skills in a range of environments with diverse individuals and groups for the purpose of empowerment and promotion of wellness.
  • Participate in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes with a focus on talent attraction, retention and development of people.
  • Develop into a human resource professional who adds value to an organisation.
  • Establish your own unique and ethical leadership brand in how you influence and guide people in an organisation.
  • Be confident in having acquired the foundation competencies in human resource management, and with the necessary work experience, career path can be developed to executive human resource management.

What further study pathways are open to me?

Once you have successfully finished the BAppSocSci, you’ll be eligible for admission into an honours degree or postgraduate studies in psychology, the social sciences, human resources or related fields both locally and internationally.

Admission requirements

  • A National Senior Certificate (Bachelors Pass) with a minimum of 45% in English, or equivalent qualification, OR
  • A Senior Certificate (with Endorsement) with a minimum of a Standard Grade pass in English, or equivalent qualification, OR
  • An NQF Level 5 Certificate, or equivalent qualification, OR
  • Mature students 23 years of age and older who do not meet the above requirements should provide a portfolio of evidence equivalent to NQF Level 5 training in an appropriate field of study to support admission on the basis of SACAP’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy.