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What our coaching graduates say – Abas Alhassan

May 12, 2021 | By Venessa Dace
What our coaching graduates say - Abas Alhassan
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Abas Alhassan, 58, invested 35 years in the corporate world. He’s a veteran banker, auditor and finance specialist. He’s also an advocate of personal growth and self-development.

Recently he decided to segue from finance to fulfil his innate passion: helping others to help themselves. He completed SACAP’s Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching earlier this year and is now – amongst many other titles – an accredited coach.

What made him convert his passion into a profession? Why did he choose to enrol at SACAP? And is he glad he’s done so? Abas managed a quick catch up with us last month. Here’s what he has to say…

Financial foundation

Abas began his career as a chartered accountant and then cut his teeth in banking. He worked in Nigeria (where he’s from) and Ghana before taking up a position with Standard Bank in South Africa.

After over three decades in finance, Abas has an impressive career trajectory. However, ranking high on the corporate ladder is not what drives him.

“I wanted to be a medical doctor to serve humanity but faith steered me to become an accountant,” he explains. “I knew that one day I’d pursue a career in the care-giving industry.”

Derivative with a difference

Six years ago, Abas founded Affluence Hope Childcare Foundation, which is an NGO based in Nigeria and South Africa. It is committed to helping vulnerable children access education.

To date the foundation has offered scholarships to over 100 individuals from secondary school to PhD level. “I have the will to make a difference,” he says. “Partnering with people in order to move them from point A to B is what really motivates me.”

Compassionate ambitions

Abas juggled his day job in finance while working part-time on his foundation. In 2018 he decided to dedicate much more attention to his caregiving aspirations. He registered for SACAP’s Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching and gallantly shouldered his work, study and foundation commitments in equal measure.

“After over 35 years as an accountant I decided to become an executive, life and business coach to fulfil my dreams of helping people,” Abas explains. “In order to practice, I knew I would have to equip myself with academic and professional qualifications so I joined SACAP.”

College considerations

Why SACAP? “I wanted a reputable coaching course based in Johannesburg and SACAP came up tops on my search,” says Abas.

The environment on the Johannesburg campus is very conducive to learning, he adds. “I attended physical face-to-face lectures, which gave me the opportunity to interact with my fellow students.”

Abas is grateful he registered at SACAP, he says. “The course equipped me with both academic and practical coaching tools, which have led to my International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation.”

Lasting longing

SACAP’s academic curriculum and practical exposure inspired Abas to fulfil his lifelong dream of starting his own coaching practice. Realising Dreams Coaching merges years of collected wisdom with his inherent aptitude for nurturing success in people.

“My coaching is aimed at effecting desired change,” he says. “I use an integral approach to development. I believe that to achieve success in personal, leadership, strategic and organisational areas all parts and the interrelationship between each must be examined.”

Ultimate achievement

Thanks to his financial background, Abas has a wealth of first-hand experience – an asset in his executive coaching business. “After so long in the corporate world I went into coaching to give back to society,” he says.

Today he’s doing exactly that. Beyond his finance credentials, Abas is an entrepreneur, business and executive coach as well as board member on the ICF, South Africa Chapter.

Where are you currently in your career? And where do you want to be? If, like Abas, you have a calling to help others now is a good time to heed it. SACAP’s accredited coaching courses might be for you.

Whether you’re a working professional or a student just starting out, don’t miss this golden opportunity to enhance your career trajectory. Find out more here.

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