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How to Become a Business Coach

Mar 03, 2021
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In the ever changing, highly competitive landscape of commerce, business coaches are gold. They enable people to adapt to changing circumstances and grasp opportunities more efficiently, effectively and quicker. Business coaching can help entrepreneurs break through barriers, focus more strategically and achieve goals more easily. It therefore makes sense in the increasing number of business owners who employ coaches to work with their leadership teams.

“Business Coaches are invaluable in an ever changing commerce landscape.”

Professional coaching is a career with a bright future. SACAP offers a range of courses that will provide you with the necessary skills and accreditation to work in this exciting field. And business coaching, in particular, will continue to be a much sought-after resource, as companies unceasingly look to adapt to new technologies, new work health and safety requirements, and rapidly changing industry landscapes.

What You need to Become a Business Coach

Having the right credentials is imperative to a successful business coaching career. This means that selecting the best business coaching courses is the first step in realising this career. The market place is wiser these days. Those looking for coaches take time to separate the well-trained, experienced coaches from the fly-by-nights. Looking at coach training received, coaching experience and any professional coaching credentials is one way they do this.

“The right credentials from an accredited institution are imperative to a successful business coaching career.”

The Advantages of Studying to be Business Coach at SACAP

SACAP offers a range of coaching courses, all of which are International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited and COMENSA aligned. They’re appropriately structured to be excellent business coaching courses and are available to study on a part and full-time basis. Additionally, SACAP’s unique approach to teaching and learning means that SACAP coaching courses provide a range of extra benefits when compared to other options.

Three Benefits of SACAP’s Business Coaching Courses

  1. Practical Experience: A combination of rigorous academic theory with practical skills, workplace experience and self-development, ensure that SACAP graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to go straight into the workplace and be able to make a valuable contribution right away
  2. Psychology Angle: Since SACAP is also a psychology college, principles of applied psychology are incorporated into the SACAP coaching courses, providing graduates with an advantageously augmented skill set
  3. Flexibility: SACAP courses are available to study part or full-time, better enabling those who need to, to work and study at the same time. This also allows working professionals to expand their existing skill set and use it on the job then transition to a new career once qualified, without a break in employment.

What to Study to become a Business Coach

Two courses best suited for developing the skills that would be applicable within the field of business coaches are:

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching
  2. Coach Practitioner Programme

An alternative option is the SACAP Bachelor of Applied Social Science Degree, with dual majors in Psychology and Business Management. It’s designed to equip graduates with the skills needed to operate effectively in the fields of both business and psychology.

Unpacking SACAP’s Business Coaching Courses

Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching

  • What: This part-time, two-year diploma is a credit-bearing qualification at a NQF Level 8 (honours-equivalent)
  • Students: Are those who are interested in becoming conscious, competent and confident professional coaches
  • Focus: This course enables students to establish a theoretical grounding and a deep understanding of current coaching thinking, practices, ethics and research.  Additionally, this course assists students to uncover their signature presence, create their own coaching model and implement a practitioner research project.
  • Availability: SACAP Cape Town and Johannesburg campuses
  • Admission Requirements: A Bachelor’s degree or a professional qualification and ideally, five years of post-qualification life/work experience. Alternatively a postgraduate qualification.

Coach Practitioner Programme

  • What: 5-month learning programme whose graduates are able to apply to the ICF as an associate certified coach, or to COMENSA as a coach practitioner. It serves as a pathway to do SACAP’s Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching. It’s also a direct route to the Advanced Coach Practitioner Programme.
  • Students: Ideal for working professionals looking for a foundation in coaching. Also those with a view to becoming a professional coach practitioner or as an internal coach within their existing organisation
  • Focus: To introduce students to some fundamental coaching competencies. As well as how to draw on learnings from an Applied Psychology framework and engagements from others
  • Duration: 5 months plus Mentoring Coaching
  • Availability: SACAP Cape Town and Johannesburg campuses
  • Admissions Requirements: 3 years relevant work experience and final admission is subject to a selection process

Bachelor of Applied Social Science Degree majoring in Psychology and Business Management

  • What: Bachelor’s Degree with a dual focus on Psychology and Business Management. It takes 3 years on campus (full time) or 5 years online (part time)
  • Students: Are those who want an educational experience that is people-centred and refines the necessary functional, emotional and practical skills to successfully have a career managing people within an organisational structure
  • Focus: Equipping students with traditional business skills as well as insights into the field of psychology; thereby enabling them to understand the interrelation between the external business landscape and the psychosocial factors within organisations
  • Availability: SACAP Cape Town and Johannesburg campuses
  • Admissions Requirements: One of the following
    • A National Senior Certificate or National Certificate (Vocational) with an achievement rating of 4 (Adequate Achievement 50-59%) or better in four designated subjects (including Life Orientation). Highly recommended: Numerical competency and data handling
    • A Senior Certificate (pre-2008) with Endorsement with English passed at Standard Grade or better, or an equivalent school-leaving certificate
    • A Higher Certificate (NQF level 5), SAQA verified equivalent qualification, Advanced Certificate, or Diploma in a cognate field
    • Applicants 24 years of age and older who don’t meet the above requirements are eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning.

Explore your options of studying coaching through SACAP to become a business coach. SACAP offers a range of coaching courses accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and aligned with COMENSA standards. For more information, enquire now.

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