SACAP Graduate Describes How She's Using Coaching In The Workplace
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This SACAP graduate describes how she’s using coaching in her workplace to her advantage

Jun 04, 2020 | By Venessa Dace
This SACAP graduate describes how she’s using coaching in her workplace to her advantage
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Coaching is powerful. It’s a process that unlocks potential and motivates people to achieve their best possible performance. Sure, great guidance inspires success in sport, but how can workplace coaching be useful? We chatted to lawyer-turned-lecturer Professor Patricia Lenaghan who told us how she uses coaching at work on a daily basis.

Managing expectations

Patricia, 54, practiced as an attorney in Pretoria before moving to Cape Town where she took up a teaching post at the University of the Western Cape. Currently she’s an Associate Professor in the law faculty. “I teach both undergraduate and postgraduate students and supervise postgraduate thesis writing,” she says. “I also manage 32 tutors who provide smaller group tutorials for the university’s undergraduate law students.”

Managing tutors and students can be challenging, Patricia admits. “Supervising their tutoring responsibilities and motivating their postgraduate research can sometimes result in stressful conflict-laden discussions,” she explains.

Patricia’s desire to navigate her way successfully through these kinds of confrontations as well as empower her students to be the best versions of themselves prompted her to enrol in SACAP’s Coaching in the Workplace Online Short Course.

Preparing for progress

“Human psychology has always intrigued me,” says Patricia. “Even as a first year law student I elected to study the psychological disposition of criminals in relation to criminal activity.” This passion for people and carefully considered analysis has remained with Patricia and she says she’s glad she recently invested time and effort into learning new coaching skills.

“I have found SACAP’s Coaching in the Workplace Online Short Course to be extremely empowering,” she says. “It’s equipped me with tools that have helped me understand the value of curiosity when assisting people to realize their own potential.”

In her view, the 12-week online course offers an expertly structured programme full of fantastic features: “I absolutely loved the mentor-coach involvement and thoroughly enjoyed the feedback sessions,” she says. “The online Zoom meetings were wonderful opportunities to engage with the course facilitator and the cohort of trainees. The support I received was tremendous!”

Learning how to become a conduit that encourages a person’s understanding of their own secret to success was one of the course’s most striking characteristics, says Patricia. “I had a truly ‘Aha!’ moment when I discovered how I can be instrumental in unlocking talent in others,” she says.

Future investment

Completing SACAP’s Coaching in the Workplace Online Short Course is something Patricia feels will help fulfil her career vision. “I believe the course has made me more adept at valuing the person as a whole and being able to bring out the best in them,” she says. “Empowering people of all ages – particularly the youth – is something that really resonates with me.”

In the context of her job, Patricia feels her coaching skills have become valuable assets that are enabling her to achieve her objectives by fostering growth and motivation in her students. “I am currently coaching three tutors and one of my doctoral students with much success,” she says.

Finding real satisfaction in her coaching endeavours is proving to be fertile groundwork that Patricia feels she might want to develop and expand in the future. “I hope to be much more involved in coaching individuals to reach their full potential,” she says.

What are your plans for the future? Does the notion of expansion and growth tickle your fancy? Sparking the best in people is something that can catapult you or your company to the next level of performance and SACAP’s Coaching in the Workplace Online Short Course can help get you there.

The 12-week online programme is internationally recognised and provides a strong framework for managers and leaders to learn and implement coaching skills that will effectively empower people to maximise their performance at work. It really is a win-win. Learn new skills that will enable others to shine and discover the ripple effect it will have on your business. The next Coaching in the Workplace Online Short Course starts on the 14th of September 2020. Take the next step towards success. Enquire here now.

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