How This Graduate Is Pursuing A Psychology Career Due To In-depth Diploma
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This SACAP graduate is pursuing a career in psychology thanks to her in-depth diploma

May 07, 2020 | By Vanessa Dace
This SACAP graduate is pursuing a career in psychology thanks to her in-depth diploma
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Ah! Remember how the start of 2020 felt so pregnant with possibility? In just a few short months our glittering goals feel like they’ve been punctured, buckling beneath the burden of the coronavirus. There’s no doubt the pandemic has taken a toll on our collective psyche, but even as news of doom and gloom dominate the headlines there are chinks of light amid the chaos.

Kgomotso Majoafi, 26, is well versed in searching for silver linings. She’s a Religious Sister from Dobsonville in Soweto with a real passion for empowering people. “I want to inspire young and old to realise that they have the potential to better their lives by using their skills and talents,” she says.

Route to rise

In the context of her pastoral ministry, Kgomotso is focussed on becoming a Registered Counsellor. She completed her Diploma in Counselling and Communication Skills from SACAP in August last year and is currently studying towards her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human and Social Development from St Joseph’s Theological Institute in Pietermaritzburg.

Kgomotso says she chose to enrol at SACAP because of its practical Work Integrated Learning component, small classes that support individual learner attention and knowledgeable lecturers. “Being taught by people who are already in the field really excited me as it meant I could learn from the challenges they’ve experienced first hand,” she explains.

Practice makes perfect

The practical elements of her SACAP diploma were hands down Kgomotso’s favourite highlight she says. “The Work Integrated Learning exercises were a good way of testing my ability to apply the theory I’d studied to practical, real-life situations,” she explains. “The whole experience helped me evaluate whether psychology was a field I wanted to pursue.”

“I learnt a lot about my strengths and weaknesses and the importance of remaining unbiased no matter the circumstances,” she continues. “The practical understanding I gained from the course is fantastic preparation for my potential competence as a counsellor or psychologist I think.”

Future prospects

Kgomotso believes SACAP’s Diploma in Counselling and Communication Skills is a very comprehensive vocational qualification because it’s equipped her with a wealth of knowledge and skills required for counselling. “The course opens doors to understanding psychology and human behaviour. It also helps develop proper communication skills, which have boosted my confidence in presenting and interacting with people.”

Broadening horizons is something Kgomotso feels very strongly about. “I love that my background in counselling has given me a wider view of what influences society,” she says. “I want to continue to expand my knowledge and appreciation of how social and economic impacts affect people so that I can understand and relate to my clients better.”

Is SACAP’s Diploma in Counselling and Communication Skills a course she’d recommend? “Definitely! It’s a great introduction to the field of counselling and psychology,” she says. “It provides the necessary information and skills needed to work with people of all ages and prepares you for great opportunities.”

Beyond becoming a Registered Counsellor Kgomotso hopes that she’ll qualify as an Educational or Counselling Psychologist: “Because I love working with young people,” she says.

How about you? What are your career goals? Encumbered by the current corona chaos it’s easy to feel bogged down by all the bad… If you’re like Kgomotso and have a real passion for helping and empowering people then maybe a career in psychology is something you should consider?

Silver lining

The good news is that in the face of Covid-19 restrictions SACAP has moved all their classes online so that students can register and start their studies virtually and then switch back to actual campus lectures when the lockdown is lifted.

SACAP has an existing Online Campus so the college is proficient in digital education – from experienced tutors to tech-savvy support. What’s more, virtual campus-specific face-to-face administration and student service teams help make the whole online experience a breeze.

And it gets even better. SACAP will keep the same lecture times and small class sizes, supply you with a portable router if you need it, plus 10G of data to help with your online learning data costs. Now there’s something to smile about!

Applications for SACAP’s Diploma in Counselling and Communication Skills are now open and will close on the 31st of May 2020. In such unprecedented times careers in psychology are very relevant and necessary tools that support mental health. They benefit not just individuals but society as a whole. Become part of the solution. Apply here today.

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