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What our graduates say about SACAP – Senzo Vilakazi

Jul 08, 2021 | By Venessa Dace
What our students say about SACAP – Senzo Vilakazi
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Senzo Vilakazi, 29, is a lucky man. He gets to honour his two greatest passions – family and people development – every single day.

At home he wakes up to his daughter’s early morning kisses. “It’s the fuel I need to ensure that I thrive!” he exclaims. Then, at work he harnesses his people development skills in his role as student advisor at SACAP. “Being able to journey with the students from the beginning of their qualifications until successful completion is a huge privilege,” he says.

Senzo completed his Bachelor of Social Science Honours in Psychology at SACAP’s Johannesburg campus last year. Curious to find out whether he enjoyed his academic journey and how it’s informing what he’s doing today, we asked him to share his story. Here’s what he has to say…

Geared for growth

Senzo enrolled at SACAP in 2016 and completed his Bachelor of Applied Social Science Degree in 2019. During this time he was class representative and elected as the student representative council chairperson. Learner development is something he’s always been fond of, he says.

What prompted him to enrol for SACAP’s honours programme? “The degree is a stepping stone towards a professional master’s programme,” Senzo explains. “By completing my honours I am closer to reaching my goal of becoming a counselling psychologist.”

Route to discovery

As a young boy Senzo set his sights on a career in psychology as early as grade five, he says. “I first heard about psychology during a career fair in primary school. I knew from that very moment that it was where I wanted to be.”

Why SACAP? “I came across the college while I was working as a retail sales manager and was contemplating going back to school full time,” he says. “SACAP’s person-centred approach is what drew me in initially. The fact that I was recognized as an individual and not just a number made SACAP stand out above the rest.”

Going for goals

Senzo is glad he decided to pursue his studies and complete his psychology honours at SACAP. “Not only has it laid the perfect foundation on which to build my master’s,” he explains. “It’s also instilled certain skills that I draw on daily in my current role as a student advisor.”

Regardless of vocation, though, Senzo believes the course is beneficial to everyone. “It equips you with essential skills that will enable you to thrive in any field you might decide to venture into,” he says.

Best of the best

“SACAP’s learning environment is incomparable,” asserts Senzo. “You are taught by industry experts that bring their vast experience with them into the classroom. In essence, you get a taste of your ‘dream job’ and the tools to tackle any challenges that may come your way.”

We’re guessing Senzo’s a SACAP fan then? “Absolutely! My SACAP experience has been purely amazing,” he says. “After attending my first orientation I remember calling my mother and telling her that I was where I was supposed to be. And I still feel as though I am where I am meant to be, doing exactly what I am meant to be doing.”

“My SACAP experience has been purely amazing.”

Senzo Vilakazi

Are you where you’re meant to be? Perhaps you’re aware of your passion or purpose, but you’re afraid to act on it because you can’t fathom how it would ever happen? With SACAP you can take the next step.

Strides to success

SACAP’s psychology honours programme opens up an extensive range of employment opportunities. From human resources and organisational development to industrial relations, education, research, and social development, the scope is vast.

What’s more, you can choose to study at a campus that’s closest to you – Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria or Johannesburg. Alternatively, enrol at SACAP’s well-established Online Campuses (Flexi or Live) – how’s that for convenience!

Sound like something you’d like to consider, but need more information? Get in touch here or take the first step in your future success and sign up now.

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