Online Study Programme Paves Way For Graduate’s NGO Aspirations.
Applied Psychology

Sacap’s online study programme paves way for graduate’s NGO aspirations

Sep 11, 2019

Nancy Bwanga Kashimoto says she could juggle family and her studies with competence thanks to SACAP’s flexible Online Campus.

Working with people is a desire many people have. It’s human nature to be sociable and being part of a tribe has a powerful allure. For some this carnal craving is not enough. They want to really understand others so that they can genuinely appreciate the fabric of their lives and help. Studying Psychology is a wonderful way to do this. Not only does it equip you with the tools to gain insight into people, it teaches you how you can make a real difference in their lives.

For Nancy Bwanga Kashimoto, a 40-year-old mother of two from Zambia, this has been a long-term longing. “I have always been curious about understanding people and what makes them tick,” she says. “As a kid I dreamt of working with people, but I never knew what that would look like.” Fortuitously Nancy came across a SACAP advertisement that helped her envisage how her affinity for people could be nurtured into something really useful.

Flexible access

Nancy registered for SACAP’s Bachelor of Applied Social Science Degree. “I applied for the fulltime, face-to-face option,” she explains, “But towards the end of my studies I didn’t have consistent access to transport so I chose to study the remaining modules online.”
The most convenient outcome of her move into the online learning space was the flexibility, Nancy says. “As most lectures were scheduled for either mornings, I was able to fetch my daughters from school and take them to their extra murals without missing lessons.” She then read or completed course work in the car while she waited so that she had time in the evenings to fulfil her “mummy duties”, she says.
Having attended classes on SACAP’s Cape Town campus during the first part of her degree, Nancy admits she initially yearned for the dynamism of the classroom environment. “I missed listening to people share their lives and stories,” she says. “However, the module I took was quite interactive. We had live webinars with the educator every two weeks and the weekly activities enabled students to share ideas and opinions.” This shared learning experience with other online students became an aspect of the course Nancy really valued.
The online learning materials resonated well with Nancy, too – especially the videos, she says. “The facilitator in the video was very animated, which appealed to my learning style.”

Despite its flexibility, which meant Nancy could study from the comfort of her home – “Or anywhere I found myself!” – she feels the course was very structured and well suited to her requirements. “All my needs were met and anyone who is open to change will profit greatly from the course,” she says.

Promising potential

Currently Nancy is the Online Lead Mentor at SACAP. “I manage the day-to-day administration of the Online Campus and also deal with any student concerns should they arise,” she explains. Nancy believes earning her Bachelor of Applied Social Science Degree from SACAP has begun paving a path towards where she wants to be in the future. “Obtaining the qualification was my first stepping stone to creating a career aimed at working with people,” she says. “I look forward to being able to create an environment that fosters self-growth and reflection, one-on-one or in a group setting.”

Having worked for an NGO in the past Nancy hopes to use her previous experience and newly acquired skills to revisit that kind of position again and really make a difference. “I believe everyone wants to be acknowledged as someone that has a place in this world and working in a space that encourages acknowledgement will be very rewarding for me.”

Is studying online with SACAP something she’d recommend? “Yes! It’s ideal for someone who is working, is self-disciplined or prefers to study independently.” Could that someone be you? Are you juggling a day job with family and long to learn more? Maybe you have the time but would prefer to study from home rather than schlep into town every day?

SACAP’s online learning programme is an applied study opportunity that combines convenience, flexibility, engaging content and practical support. The curriculum is diverse and you can study anything from a Higher Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills and a Bachelor of Applied Social Science to a Bachelor of Social Science Honours (Psychology). All while maintaining a healthy work-life balance!

Investing in yourself couldn’t be easier – or more fulfilling. SACAP can make a real difference in your life and those of others. To find out how, enquire here now.

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