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The steps to becoming a Psychologist in South Africa

Oct 27, 2020
The Steps to Becoming in a Psychologist in South Africa
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Registered Counsellors, Cherith Langenhoven and Nabilah Davis, discussed the academic steps you need to take in order to become a Psychologist in South Africa.

Cherith Langenhoven, who has also completed her Masters in Research Psychology, shared about her professional journey and the experiences as a Registered Counsellor that contributed to where she is today.

Nabilah Davis, who is currently a Programme Coordinator at SACAP, spoke a bit about the role of the Bachelor of Psychology Degree in leading to registration with the HPCSA as a Registered Counsellor before going on to complete a Masters in Psychology in order to register as a Psychologist.

Vital questions were answered in the live Q&A session including job opportunities, the HPCSA, the board exam and the role of the Registered Counsellor once again.

For more information on our HPCSA accredited Bachelor of Psychology Degree, kindly visit our website here.

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